clayton-bending-metalMy name is Clayton, and I have been fabricating metal for nearly 40 years. In this time I have executed a variety of different projects including industrial and commercial projects from heating and ventilation work to architectural sheet metal work on buildings. I decided that my passion for fabricating metal should become a family business. Our business focuses mainly on the design and production of custom aluminum cabinets for a variety of different applications.

Our cabinets hold one of the highest quality places on the market. Our business is unique in the sense that we can help anyone design and make their project something they can stand back and smile at, knowing that they were a part of it. We ask for your opinion as the project is done from start to finish. This gives each customer an old fashioned relationship that will make you feel secure about your purchase.

Our frames are originally designed by us. The cabinets use .040 aluminum in all phases as a minimum. CNC computerized folding machines make every item the same giving you quality that you can rely on and trust.